New Features

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Staff, Store Manager and Groups - April 2021

Now we can categorize Store Vendors and give them Capabilities as per their segment requirements. Additionally vendors will have support of Shop Managers and Staffs. Vendors will have their own Group of Staffs.


Shipping by M+ Badge- March 2021

Now we have a Shipped by M+ Badge on products and on Stores. The customer can see what items he can get directly from M+ and save some shipping costs.


Bundles - March 2021

You can Bundle Products now. Thats much better then make a Bundle as a new Product. With our Bundle Feature the Item Stock is correct for the single products and for the bundle. It is also better if you bundle a digital product with a physical product because digital products have to use different VAT Numbers over Borders then physical products.


Design your own page - February 2021

We can design your personal Page with our Website Builder. 
Just write us a message. 
The Vendor / Band Store page will have the same design for all.